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Pre Production Stage

HERITAGE: The Legacy

An high action thriller, will be the debut feature from Checklist Films Ltd with director Daniel Alexander attached to the project.
(award winning Director/Filmmaker, BAFTA Crew member, and Create Central Board member)

In Development

One Minute in South London

Two fatal wounds, one murder. The most notorious event of 1990’s Britain. The infamous event that changed Britain will be acknowledged forever as a critical point in World affairs. Even with so much potential ahead of him in life, he could never have achieved the change that came from his death. But who gained the most?

Bloody Mary

Mary Tudor, she fought for the crown, stirred rebellion and almost killed her lover – the flame-filled story of Mary, England’s first true queen. Popular with the ordinary people of England, who supported her fight against the nobles who hated her became queen, despite all the odds, and she ruled for five years. She overthrows rebellion and gains the name “Bloody Mary” from her opponents.


In her early twenties, Shelley has a good job with prospects. But, having to support her family, she gets herself into debt, suffers a breakdown and loses her job. One day, in a mental haze, she boards a bus, not caring where it takes her, as long as it’s away from where she is. She knows no one and has nothing, but she’s free from the stress that has been weighing her down, almost to the point of contemplating suicide.

Talking to God – Feature Film

Francis Page is a schizophrenic bouncer who escapes from prison after being convicted of drug smuggling and goes on a surreal killing spree to avenge his murdered girlfriend and addicted daughter.

Shades of Darkness (An African Trilogy) – Feature Film

A young man from London travels to the wilderness of Africa to seek closure after the death of his Father; but the deeper he ventures into Africa’s heart of darkness, the further he finds himself entangled in a web of deceit, murder and Muti… the trade in human body parts “This is Africa!”

Shamed – Feature Film

At the head of the group sat the elderly mother. She stared proudly, smiling at her children, then raised her hand for silence. ‘It’s decided, ‘We have to get rid of her.’ Nine words that changed the life of Sarbjit Kaur Athwal.

In total we have 16 slates, adverting 11 on the web. 13 feature films, 2 TV shows and 1 documentary.