What We Do

  • Create quality and commercially successful feature films and TV shows for a global audience
  • A leading beacon for fairness and safety in the workplace in the UK/Worldwide Film industry
  • Utilise, celebrate and showcase original, diverse and thought-provoking content from around the world
  • Create film-making careers accessible to all, no matter what background or challenges
  • Teach, develop, share and learn film-making skills, new ideas and innovations
  • Promote Birmingham as ‘Film City UK’ along with the wider West Midlands region

Who We Are

The film and TV sector is poorly represented by minorities both in-front of and behind the cameras.

Our aim is to bring entertaining and informative feature films/TV productions to worldwide audiences by utilising diverse and innovative talent from our base in the West Midlands, UK.

Checklist Films Ltd plans to build, develop and sustain the permanent staffing and infrastructure to create a continuous flow of moving image entertainment products.